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Distance and Continuing Education Unit (DCEU) of the University of Ruhuna, previously named External Examination Unit (EEU) established in 1997 with the broader objective of providing higher educational opportunities to prospective students in the region and country who are unable to enter national universities in Sri Lanka. Since its inception, the Distance and Continuing Education Unit has been growing steadily and currently cater to the needs of over 30,000 external under graduates over the country. In view of expanding its activities in Southern, Sabaragamuwa and Uva Province in particular and the country in general, the DCEU has embarked on its five-year plan (2011 -2015) with several appropriate targets and strategies. Consequently, DCEU establish a regional centre at Hambantotta and other two centres will be established Galle and Matara. Furthermore, DCEU has currently engaged in activities such as Improving Governance and Management, Improving Quality and Relevance, Enhancing Learning Resources and Learner Support Services and Promoting Collaboration with State and Non-state Training Institutions.

Administrative hierarchy of Distance and Continuing Education Unit Administration

Composition of the Management Committee

Vice Chancellor of the University ( Chairperson)
Two members appointed by the council
Deans of  the faculties
Director of DCEU (Secretary of the DCEU)

Composition of the Board of study

Senior staff member nominated by faculty board  (Chairperson)
Director/ DCEU (Secretary of BoS)
Coordinator – Registration & Examinations
Coordinator – Learning Resources
Coordinator – Training
Three nominies form each Faculty
Two external members nominated
Academic Coordinators of degree/diploma programmes



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